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Upcoming meeting and archive of previous homeowner meetings

Oak Creek Association, Inc.
Homeowners’ Meeting Minutes
10:00 a.m., Saturday, November 18, 2017
At Orange Township Hall

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Gloria Gaskey reviewed the Association’s 2017 Activities and Plans   

For 2018, as reported in the November Newsletter, which included the planned replacement of the sprinkler system at Oak Creek Drive. She explained that improvements and expenditures (especially landscaping) will be kept at a minimum until the construction on S. Old State is complete when we can better evaluate the needs of the Development (ponds, fencing, trees, plantings).

3. The Budget was reviewed by Randy Green, Treasurer. Dues for 2017 will remain at $150 and the number of property with liens remains at 3. 

4. Nelson Katz discussed Speeding in the Neighborhood. He has been instrumental in having school zone street markings painted on Oak Creek, Payson and Juniper Drives and in securing the completion of a Traffic Study on Sedona Drive. After months of communications with the Township and the Olentangy School District, he was pleased to report that the purchase and installation of flashing 20 mph school zone signs (to be installed at Oak Creek Drive), were tentatively approved by the Orange Township Trustees pending receipt and acceptance of a written Policy to address installation of such school zone signs throughout the Township. The signs are to be purchased by the Olentangy School District. The Township will install and maintain the signs. This will be at NO COST to the Association. 

5. Miscellaneous Questions/Answers. We engaged the attending members in a great discussion on several topics which included comments, suggestions, and questions on the trustee reports on the Widening of S. Old State, speeding, security and safety.   

6. Adjourned  

Next Meeting Location and Time 
Our next meeting in the Fall of 2018 will be posted once a date has been determined. 

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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